Office Coordinator

Children’s Choice is looking for a friendly, confident and positive person to work at the front desk of a great organization with a team of people dedicated to caring for children. The hours are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday and the pay starts at $11 per hour, plus paid leave, paid holidays, paid training, 401K retirement plan with employer match, health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance.

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I. General Function:

The Office Coordinator is responsible for being “the voice” of the Children’s Choice organization through a professional, positive and caring attitude. The Office Coordinator is often the first person customers and potential employees see or communicate with when they contact Children’s Choice in person or by phone.

The Office Coordinator talks to parents and the public, either over the phone, via email or in person and makes parents and staff feel welcome and comfortable. He/she is responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks that include organizing and performing office operations and procedures.

II. Skill Requirements:

  1. Experience with answering phones and general office duties
  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  3. Computer competency including use of social media, email, Drop Box, and other computer programs used by Children’s Choice
  4. Solid communication skills, both written and verbal
  5. Good organizational skills
  6. Ability to multitask, prioritize and work under pressure
  7. Resourcefulness; proactive in dealing with issues that may arise
  8. Remains calm in stressful situations
  9. Solves problems and maintains a professional attitude


III. Competencies:

The Office Coordinator makes a lasting impression on potential and existing customers and employees. It is important to have qualities that make parents and employees feel welcome and satisfied with the manner in which he/she meets their needs.

  1. Must have a professional, confident, pleasant, warm and friendly personality.
  2. Is sensitive to and patient with the feelings and needs of others.
  3. Relates well to people and is able to respond respectfully to people of all cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds, religions, classes and languages.
  4. Is naturally polite, respectful but firm when dealing with clients and/or staff. If a client is rude or insensitive, he/she works through the situation with a positive attitude to resolve the client’s issue. Needs to be able to question people in a polite, professional manner to find out how best to assist them.
  5. Has initiative; self-guided; is productive during down times and manages time well.
  6. Has a flexible nature. Able to deal with multiple tasks at once, or challenging requests. Can handle fast-paced and sometimes unpredictable situations. Able to prioritize tasks appropriately.
  7. Is patient.
  8. Is trustworthy. Will handle sensitive information, such as accepting packages with confidential information, taking important messages or handling money. Must be trustworthy so that everyone involved is comfortable that he/she will handle their requests and items professionally.
  9. Able to take personal responsibility to manage his/herself and time wisely and doesn’t need someone telling him/her what is expected.
  10. Is a lifelong learner; seeks to make him/herself better than the day before.
  11. Always happy to help.

 Other Requirements:

  1. Maintains a professional appearance
  2. Be able to sit for long periods of time
  3. Be able to lift at least 20 pounds
  4. Be able to stand for periods of time to file

.Job Segments

  1. Adheres to regular work schedules.
  2. Wears appropriate clothing for the office.
  3. Works cooperatively and harmoniously with all staff.
  4. Greets everyone who enters the office in a pleasant, positive manner and tone.
  5. Answers phone and routinely checks phone and email messages. Timely returns emails, phone calls and/or distributes dated and legible written phone messages to appropriate staff. Maintains copies/duplicates of all written phone messages.
  6. Receives, sorts and distributes daily mail and deliveries.
  7. Accepts and writes receipts for any payments received.
  8. Acquires correct knowledge and information to accurately answer questions.
  9. Maintains a positive and professional attitude with parents, community and staff at all times.
  10. Interacts with parents, community and staff in positive ways and treats them with dignity and respect.
  11. Cleans and maintains a neat and orderly office environment. Keeps work area clean and organized. Performs general housekeeping duties. Maintains and stores equipment properly. Secures office building when leaving.
  12. Files paperwork correctly when necessary.
  13. Collects, alphabetizes, and ensures all timesheets have been accurately completed and submitted. Notifies staff of missing timesheets. Completes payroll summaries and submits to designated person in timely manner.
  14. Orders and inventories snack weekly and maintains snack system.
  15. Orders office supplies and any other ongoing supplies as needed.
  16. Processes book orders and ships books to customers.
  17. Approves bills/accounts payable as needed.
  18. Prints & sorts weekly attendance/snack/summary sheets and puts in Site Director’s boxes at appropriate times.
  19. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.
  20. Maintains a professional attitude and loyalty to the organization and supports the policies and philosophy of Children's Choice.

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