Co-founder/co-owner of Children's Choice


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Ashcraft, Co-Founder/Director of Children’s Choice, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with Honors, in Psychology from the University of New Mexico, and a Master of Science Degree in Early Child hood Education and Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

She has more than 17 years experience in child care: as a teacher, a camp director, a school-age child care coordinator, an Assistant Director, and in her most recent position, as the Director of the Lovelace Child Care Center. has significant experience managing school-based child care programs.

She has extensive training and experience in school-age child care and has shared her knowledge as a presenter for the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s Annual Conference, the New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children’s Conference, the Santa Fe Association for the Education of Young Children’s Conference, the National School-Age Care Alliance Conference and the New Mexico School-Age Care Alliance’s (NMSACA) Conference.

serves on the faculty of Central New Mexico Community College, teaching college courses in child development and guidance. She is the current Treasurer of NMSACA. She is an accreditation endorser for the National AfterSchool Association and a certified Quality Advisor by the National Institute of Out of School Time. She is co-author of Leading to Learn: Learning to Lead – Organizational Leadership for the Child Care and Youth Development Director.