From Duct Tape Wallets to Fashion Show – How To Make Kids Imagination Come Alive!

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A Simple Idea

At our Arroyo Del Oso after school program we have clubs and activities that are created by students and staff.  One of the students had an idea to make duct tape wallets.   Duct tape wallets is a favorite activity of kids.

(Picture above: Duct Tape Wallet Curriculum created by a student.)

Kick It Up

After the activity, kid’s enjoyed it but they kept asking what else can we make?  Our students had a couple of suggestions.

Dylan suggested “Could we make watches?”

(Picture above: Dylan with a watch that he made.)

“I can’t wait to show my Grandma how fancy my watch is,” said Dylan.

Some of the other kids had other ideas.

Ella, “Could we make clothes?”

Adrian, “Can we make masks?”

If at first you don’t succeed, try again

With Halloween around the corner we tried making masks for costumes next. After not being successful many times we decided to “frame” the faces first. They started to construct their masks using duct tape, tape, and piper cleaners.

“It took messing up a bunch to figure out how to use the duct tape better.”

What are the kids passionate about

The movie Black Panther was a big hit with the kids.  They wanted to see if they could make a mask similar to the one in the movie.

“I’m gonna be the only red panther!” said Adrian.

The masks became very popular with the kids, and soon a lot of kids were making them.

They even made duct tape gloves.

Soon, the kids started creating their own fashion

“We worked together to make the coolest shoes I own now!” explained Dylan.

“Would it be hard to make clothes or armor next? I got to finish the whole look,” Dylan asked.

Kick it up even more

Even the staff started getting into it.  Brian wanted to make a full suit.

They started by laying out strips that are long enough sticky side up. Which we then wrap around me sticky side out to make the base.

“It’s so hard because it sticks to everything even itself!” said one of the kids.

It was a whole group effort, but the kids were very excited to create it.

Here are the kids making straps to make sure it held in place.

While the other kids worked on the base, Ella designed the exterior of my armor. “It’s going to be red and have CC on the front.”

Kylee and Bella helped lay out all the red tape that we needed while the others taped me up.

“You look like a CC super hero now!” said Solae.

Other kids wanted to try it on once it was made.

Keep working on it!

After the project was finished, kids are still working on their own duct tape creations.  Plans are being made to continue making duct tape fashion and designs. There is talks about making a how-to tutorial video about making duct tape fashion.