Children’s Choice Annual Spooky Science Night! – 2018

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When: Friday October 26th from 4:30 to 6:30pm

Where: Double Eagle Elementary school Cafeteria

At Double Eagle’s Annual Spooky Science Night, they decided to do a Clue themed mystery, where participants had to figure out who commited the crime by gathering clues from different science stations and characters.

Families and students were told the following:

It’s 1997…the year Children’s Choice was established! On this spooky night, there has been a horrific accident! Flat Stanley and Sar were the victims of some foul play! Get ready to use your best detective skilss, as you venture through tonight’s activities.  You will be challenged to find out who did it.  with what, and where the foul play took place.

•Each family will be granted three free clues.  These can be redeemed in any room with any character! You will receive a stamp on your clue sheet once redeemed!

•Participate in each activity to earn questions to uncover clues about the accident! The map above shows the different rooms, characters, and activities!

•To win- make an accurate accusation of who did it, with what and where!  The winning family will receive their very own Spooky Science Kit!

We wish you good luck, hope you have fun, and learn something along the way!


The Freezer with the Ice Queen: Frozen Bubbles

The Biohazard Bunker with Zombie Antidote



















The Ofrenda with La Llorona: Yeast experiments









The Potion Room with the Fire Witch: Fire Snakes

“The real flames make with actually scary!” Everett H.

The Potion Room with the Wicked Witch: Potion Density

The Haunted Sauna with Ghost Taylor: Exploding Ghosts

The Green House with the Scarecrow: Exploding Pumpkins
















“It’s great that they can use real knives.” -Parent

The Playroom with Crafty the Clown: Screaming Balloons

“I know who did it! It was George! He did not follow the constitution like we’re supposed to!”

Kayla S.

Valley of the Kings with Frankenstein and Mummy: Glowing Outlines and Feely Meely

“You have to battle S’mores to get the clues.” Alex S.

Here are links to templates for you to recreate your own Spooky Science Night!

Spooky science cause of death cards

spooky science character cards

spooky science foot prints

Spooky Science Map (1)