Wall-E Day: Caring for Our Community and Making Healthy Choices

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Wall-E Day

Caring for Our Community and Making Healthy Choices

Date: February 7th 2018,

Hubert Humphrey Elementary        

The kids at Hubert Humphrey wanted to have a movie day that was meaningful and would teach our community about caring for ourselves and our world. The older kids voted to watch Wall E and lead activities that would create a fun experience and bring our community closer together.

We started Wall E Day with a community trash pick-up on the playground. We divided into grades and picked grade captains. Then the children got to choose if they wanted to use gloves to pick up trash or chopsticks. With the chopsticks you could pretend that you were Wall-E from the movie and clean up the playground while pretending to be a robot. Everyone participated and we did a great job making our playground a cleaner place.

Next we began watching Wall-E in the quiet room and working on art projects. In the quiet room we had two stations set up where you could make a robot out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners or work on a friendship bracelet for someone. The kids enjoyed all the choices during the movie and were able to choose several different things to do.

The Older Kids Club wanted to make sure we had healthy food to eat and had voted to make fruit kabobs. We put cantaloupe, pineapple, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, strawberries, and grapes out in the snack area and the kids were able to make their own fruit kabobs with their favorite choices. We talked about how fresh fruit is healthy for us and if we want to avoid becoming unhealthy like the people on Wal- E we need to take care of our bodies by eating healthy and exercising.


Next we inflated the famous ‘Snowglobe’ in the cafeteria and had an indoor ‘Sandstorm’ activity. The snowglobe is a giant plastic tarp that is taped together to hold air inside. A staff sits at the entrance with a fan to ensure it always stays inflated and help monitor the children’s safety while inside. The kids picked up cotton balls and pretended there was a sandstorm like in the movie Wall-E. This was reported to be their favorite activity of the day.


Overall Wall-E Day was a great experience for the kids and staff at Hubert Humphrey. We got to work together to take care of our environment, eat healthy snacks, learn about growing beans, and have a blast in the sandstorm. We look forward to another big theme day in the future!